Welcome to MOCA Sweet and take a journey into your imagination…

You are coaxing your magical, deliciously, lovely and adoring significant other for a walk on what just ever so conveniently happened to be one of the hottest days in your region in the history of… well, since as far back as hot days have begun to be recorded by civilization and society, and you, well the both of you, notice an ice cream shop in the distance.

Upon arrival, you two, without hesitation or reservation, decide to swing open the doors in the most rapid manner and from the very instant you feel the air of the inside of the shop on your skin.  My friend talks about it all the time (he runs a website about tree service warren; be sure to thank him for his contribution to this blog by visiting his site by clicking on the link) about how it is cool, relaxing, calming, and delicious to the very essence of relief from the segregating, debilitating heat not less than, quite literally, less than ten feet from where you are immediately standing. The woman behind the counter happens to smile in your general direction and greet you with the follow-up inquiry of whether you would be interested in cold, cool ice cream.

After you two collect your desired choice in ice cream and it begins to melt not even a moment after you step foot out of the ice cream shop. A mess covers your hands and you notice the necessity of turning around to enter back inside the little convenient, yet ever so welcoming and comforting ice cream shop, and collect some napkins to clean yourself up. While in there, the same wonderful service provider continues to inquire about the hot weather and offers you something else that is equally cool and enjoyable.

Of course, does not every business owner wish sales were that simple? (We all know the answer to that question! YES!!!)